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Goal Getter Bootcamp 2024

Are you ready to switch things up, get your head in the game, and make your goals for 2024 something that change your life?

My 3-day bootcamp will walk you through everything you need to do to make-it-happen!

Would you be able to quit your employed position to be fully self-employed?

Would you be able to take financially manageable holidays with your family?

Would you be able to lower your working hours to have more time in your actual life?

Would you wake up every day and look forward to working on your business?

How would you feel if this time next year,
you'd hit (or exceeded) your business goals?

In 2019, I hit my goal of earning the same salary I was on as a full time teacher. By late 2023, my salary had increased by £28,000.

Goal setting changed everything.

And you're about to experience the same!

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What's Involved?

12th, 14th, 19th December 10am (GMT)

Playback Options Available

Imagine three days where you finally stop dreaming and start building. Three days where you can finally decide your specific business goals, look at how they will affect your life for the better, and then build a full roadmap to achieve them (without burning out!).


This year, unlike others, you won't get lost along the way or look back and wonder what happened. You'll take your business to the next level step-by-step and watch as your life becomes more manageable and financially fluid...


You will explore consumer habits forecasted for 2024 to help you to understand how and why your customers and clients will be spending their money throughout the year.


With full training and support, you will generate the goals for each area of your business and formulate the roadmap you need in order to meet them.


You will develop the mindset skills you will require in order to follow (and stick to!) your roadmap to success. Goals are only dreams if all you do is think about them! This session will guide you, motivate you and get you ready to accept the challenge of growth for the next 365 days.

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