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Hey, I'm Lauren!

A squeeze of my story...

My entrepreneurial background is very varied and my experiences even more so! And my story? Well, it's quite unique.


When I was 18 and training to be a teacher, I started a private tuition business. I hired three staff members, achieving a high four-figure turnover in the first year. 


Later on in life, 11 weeks after having my first born daughter, I launched an online fashion boutique with just £400. The budget was tight, but I achieved a six-figure revenue in its second year. By the third year, I had moved out of my spare room and into a warehouse, and in the fourth year, I brought on a professional design team. Currently in the fifth year, I have big goals in the works and have transitioned the boutique into its very own fashion brand selling high quality leggings of my own design. This business is set to see a higher turnover in its first year than any other business I own.


In addition to these ventures (including The Zesty Boss which began in 2020 while I was pregnant with daughter number two) I also started a marketing consultancy at age 29. Here, I serve many corporate clients.


I have a large fashion based social media following of over 45,000 people, the majority of whom are all paying & loyal customers, and my reach on one business Facebook page alone averages 2.5 million people per month. 

A slice of honesty...

I have a zest for life and value a healthy work-life balance in all aspects, including parenting and business success.


It's also important for you to know that I have dyslexia and I didn't do well in my exams, I even took my business theory test five times!


I believe in being honest and transparent, and I know what it feels like to fail and bounce back. I believe that if we're too afraid to chase our dreams, we'll miss out on the potential for success.


Above all else, my resilience and determination has contributed to my success in business and in life.


I have a no-nonsense approach to life and a drive to build a happy and flexible lifestyle for my whole family.

And now, I'm here to help you do the same!

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