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Crafting a career I love.

From a young age, I wrestled with the constraints of traditional education and early career paths that never felt right. I often found myself disengaged and stifled by conventional learning and working environments. This deep-seated frustration sparked a realisation;


We are too often forced into paths that extinguish our true potential and passions.


This insight became the cornerstone of my drive to change things—not just for myself, but for others feeling similarly 'squashed' by the system.

I embarked on a journey fuelled by a desire to do what I love. This journey wasn't just about finding my path—it was about creating it.


The more I learned and adapted across various sectors, from startups to established businesses, the more I realized my calling: to help others break free from jobs they hate and craft careers they love.

Embracing authenticity

My vision is a community where everyone can find the support and tools they need to build fulfilling careers.


It’s about making space not just for work, but for life’s passions—creating a balance that nurtures personal growth and happiness.

Throughout my career, I have consulted for numerous startups, aiding them in identifying unique market niches and innovative sales strategies. My approach has always been to think laterally, using creativity and fun to turn challenges into opportunities. Now, I want to bring this approach to my community members and coaching clients, creating a supportive network where passion fuels our professional journeys.

This membership isn't just about business growth—it's about personal transformation. It’s about embracing authenticity, where being yourself isn’t just accepted, it’s encouraged.


Here, we practice what we preach: understanding your audience, addressing their pain points with empathy, and connecting through shared experiences and aspirations.


Life is short.
Do what you love.

My life's trials, from enduring a divorce, a high-risk, IVF pregnancy, giving birth at 24 weeks gestation, to losing my father after a short battle with cancer when he was just 61, have taught me the importance of living authentically and cherishing every moment.


These experiences have only deepened my commitment to helping others live and work on their own terms.

Join our community where you can be true to yourself, leverage your unique gifts, and create the life you've always wanted.


Here, it's not about being normal—it's about being you, wonderfully and unapologetically you. Let's make your dream job a reality together.

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