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Rehydrate Your Business

New, Exclusive & LIVE Course

For those who are feeling the squeeze

Saturday 29th April 2023 - 7.30pm
(Playback option available)


Small Business Owners all over the world are now finding themselves in the very deepest of the recession struggle and the first thing I need you to know is - YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


With businesses lacking in sales & sign-ups, founders are lacking in motivation, passion and drive. It's feeling a tough slog and continuing is like an uphill battle.

When I say you're not alone, it's important to know that I have been there too. Here's a sneaky secret...

The day before I launched my leggings inside Laurella Mama, I had thirty pounds in the business bank account.


Yep, £30.00!!!

And that felt TERRIFYING.

And it wasn't the first time I had found the business in a pickle like that.


It likely won't be the last either!

Image by Sarah Elizabeth


Limited Spaces Available

My new, exclusive & LIVE course 'REHYDRATE YOUR BUSINESS' is going to teach you how I got myself back up again and repositioned the business in a stronger position.

How I regained my drive....

How I rejuvenated my passion....

How I fought the negative voice inside my mind and channelled ONLY positivity...

And how, most importantly, these low moments were in fact the biggest and BEST lessons I've ever learned in my entrepreneurship journey!

What's included?

  • LIVE course inside an exclusive Facebook Group

  • 14 Days Of Rehydration Networking

  • Rehydration Workbook

  • Rehydration Checklist

  • Printable Positive Encouragement Postcards

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